Correct the bad environments in class.

Bad classroom environments.

When speaking words with bad intentions in the classroom, they can make an enormous harm to children and adolescents who do not yet have the resources to face it, nor can they identify the severity of the words that, initially, can be treated as one Prank creates a bad environment where the victim can lead to very serious consequences.

About bullying.

Bullying or bullying charges about 200 thousand suicides a year between young people between 14 and 28 years old according to a report by the World Health Organization next to the United Nations. The biennium 2016/2017 ended with 196 serious cases of bullying or bullying reported in the justice system and the Ministry of Education of CATALONIA.


New technologies related to bullying.

The new technologies have advanced a lot and thanks to this they have given us a lot of things, but they have also opened a door where people hide behind the screen and play to be a stalker without thinking about how bad they can produce them your messages


Here, the different methods that are applied to avoid these cases.

Content page

Here you can find Articles and news

On this page you can find articles on the prevention of harassment, cyberbullying and violence.

Content page

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On this page you can find videos and short films about the prevention and correction of harassment.

How can I help?

Here you can find out what you can do to help reduce the case numbers.

Help to organizations

Here, the different organizations you can help financially.


Asociación Española para la Prevención del Acoso Escolar: Non-profit non-governmental entity.

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