KiVa method

This method rises in Finland, a country that has one of the best educational systems in the world, and this method applies to 90% of basic education schools.

KiVa arises from “Kiusaamista Vastaan” that in Finnish means “against school bullying.” KiVa has completed more than 80% of the bullying in Finland.

The method used in the Kiva program consists in not focusing on the dialectic of the confrontation between victim and harasser but rather is based on the action on witnesses who laugh at this situation. What is intended to be done through the method is to influence these viewers so that they do not indirectly participate in harassment. If this is achieved, the stalker, who needs recognition to continue with bullying, stops harassing cause that does not bring any benefit to him.


How parents, teachers, and students can avoid harassment

The American Psychological Association explains that preventing and eradicating bullying consists in the commitment to create a safe environment in which children can progress socially and academically without fear. APA recommends that teachers, parents and students take action to prevent harassment.

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